Ways To Get Free PUBG Mobile Skins And UC in 2022

There’s a reason Behind PUBG’s Latest ranking among the best Fight Royal Games on the planet.

You need to stick out in the audience besides needing to compete against millions of players online to be the last person standing.

You’ll need to purchase new skins, your favorite weapons, and many more essential items with the official PUBG money called UC (Unknown Cash).You can even utilize UC to obtain the latest Battle Passes such as Royal Pass or the Elite version of Royal Pass.

Perhaps you’re looking to discover ways to acquire free UC from PUBG mobile; then you definitely need to check out the known (and totally free ) approaches we’ve spotlighted in this post.

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Here is the full in-depth guide to receive PUBG Mobile Skins & UC. Want free Free UC, PUBG Skins & at PUBG, Read this manual completely and you’ll see the best solution.

So that you’d love to know proven methods to get PUBG complimentary UC from 2020?

You must spend money to acquire UC in PUBG. 60 UC prices roughly 1 USD. But if you choose to purchase a UC pack, you will receive benefits. spotify can’t play this right now

As mentioned previously, UC may be used in-game to obtain costumes, the Royal Pass, gun skins, and plenty of skins including helmet and backpack skins in addition to open crates.

PUBG players dream of buying the Royal Pass together with loads of gorgeous gun skins.

But since most players of PUBG Mobile are kids or teenagers without a steady income, they are inclined to start looking for other methods of getting PUBG complimentary UC.

And since it is also our job to supply reliable methods Which You Can use to get All of the PUBG mobile free skins and UC you are ever going to need, we’ve spotlighted 7 of these right here:

1. Partake In Giveaways

All you need to do this is follow other players and streamers who handle UC Giveaway occasions or Royal Pass Giveaways on any platforms, and YouTube, Instagram, Discord on the internet.

Villager eSports, Classified YT, and mrCyberSquad are some examples of PUBG giveaway organizers.

Nearly all the giveaways for Royal Pass generally occur during the week of each season. The PUBG free UC giveaways on the other hand, always run throughout the whole season.

2.Take Part in Tournaments & Custom Rooms

You will be pleased to find that there are PUBG Mobile app developers, and habit rooms being arranged by YouTube vloggers, lots of contests, tournaments, and other players.

Many YouTubers will also be fond of arranging PUBG subscriber games in which the winner has rewarded using PUBG complimentary UC that may be utilised to buy your PUBG free skins.

Provided that you’ve got what it takes and can put a fantastic team together, you can excel in these tournaments and win loads of Unknown Cash.

3. Play the Bonus Challenge

You’ll find an in-game alternative known as Bonus Challenge on PUBG Mobile.

You stand a fantastic chance of being rewarded with bonus coins which can be redeemed for Unknown Cash Packs by playing with this Bonus Challenge match.

Keep in mind you have to have some UC inside your account so you can enter to your Bonus Challenge.

You can procure bonus coins by viewing ads but this method can be slow.

There is also the chance to win coins by gambling your bonus coins, or you may win more bonus challenge competitions to earn coins.

With a few UC, your PUBG abilities and teamwork, this specific method can be utilised to grow the amount of Unknown Cash on your account for buying PUBG free skins.

4. Use the Google Opinion Rewards App

Download & install Google Opinion Rewards to get a remarkable reward program that pays out cash incentives into your Google Play accounts upon conclusion of any range of straightforward surveys.

Simply visit the Google Play Store to download and install the software and sign in with your verified Google account and you can proceed to fill out the process of setup.

Then, you can finish as many surveys as possible to earn cash rewards. The cash you have accumulated inside your accounts can be used to purchase UC.

Below, you’ll find a couple of tips you should remember while using this technique:

  • Consistently switch ON your smart phones’ GPS where you go.
  • You have to complete each and every questionnaire you start to take.
  • Offer real answers to the surveys.

Visit public places like restaurants and showrooms more often.
Though this method is quite slow, it’s a steady and proven way to acquire the UC that you need to buy your favorite PUBG free skins and other in-game products.

5. Install & Use Reward Apps That Reward You for Referrals

The following step in our guide about how best to find PUBG free skins and UC involves creating referrals.

You will find plenty of Refer & Earn apps available to the Google Play Store for downloading.

They can turn out to be dependable tools.

The cash that you get with apps can be used to buy UC for your PUBG Mobile gaming account.

HELO is just one such program and it now pays 300 INR for each referral.

6. By Employing Money-Making Programs

All you have to do is install & install any (or all) of these, register an account, and then you can start completing simple tasks like taking random polls, daily spins, watching videos, etc.. You can do as many of them as you like to collect points.

The points you have accumulated here may be redeemed for cash which can then be used to buy Anonymous Money in the PUBG Mobile game.

You can also utilize Codashop to buy cheap UC & Skins in PUBG Mobile. Want to find out more? Ask in comment section.

7. Save Money by Building a Subscription

The PUBG Mobile platform now offers two monthly subscription bundles; Prime & Prime Plus.

The Prime subscription will provide you 900 UC and goes for 85 INR which is equivalent to 150 UC whereas the Prime Plus subscription is valued at 850 INR.

PUBG packages that were subscribing to one of the top has turned out to be more profitable than purchasing UC directly.

For instance, you can obtain 60 UC with 80 INR but you may get the Prime subscription to be activated by 150 UC on PUBG cellular telephone when you pay 85 INR.

Additionally, when you sign up for Prime Plus on PUBG, then the Royal Pass can be purchased by you as well as complete your RP Missions. This will guarantee you complimentary UC at Royal Pass benefits so that you may save yourself money and buy the RP again.

Of subscribing to PUBG premium the downside is that you need to wait for 30 days before receiving your free UC.

Utilize as a Gifting Idea for Friends or Associates: During Christmas, your pal’s birthday, or some other special occasion during which people are looking to swap gifs, you can provide a few free UC as a present for the recipient to invest on their preferred PUBG free skins.


Should you examine it from begin to finish, you should not encounter any obstacles in your way to getting all of the PUBG free skins that you need.

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